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Pentagon Unveils New $2 Billion Ukraine Aid Package

The Pentagon pledges $2 billion to support Ukraine's military, including drones, munitions, and anti-drone equipment. Russia reacts with a formal demarche.

by Isrg Buzz Team
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The Pentagon has announced a new major aid package for Ukraine, pledging $2 billion in additional support for the country’s military. Unlike ‘Presidential Drawdown,’ the weapons comprising the latest package will not be sourced from the US Army’s own stocks but procured specifically from the manufacturers.

The Latest Aid Package

The latest security assistance package places particular emphasis on additional unmanned aerial systems, including Switchblade 600 UAS kamikaze drones, as well as anti-drone and electronic warfare detection equipment. On top of that, Washington has pledged to supply Ukraine with an undisclosed number of missiles for High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems (M142 HIMARS) and 155mm artillery rounds.

The Pentagon’s Commitment

The Pentagon’s commitment to supporting Ukraine has “only strengthened” over the past year, according to a statement released on the first anniversary of Russia’s offensive in Ukraine. The aid package will provide Ukraine with capabilities to meet its immediate battlefield needs.

Russia’s Reaction

However, the Russian Foreign Ministry has summoned the US Ambassador to Moscow, issuing a “formal demarche” over the “growing involvement of the United States in hostilities on the side of the Kiev regime.” Moscow accused Washington of “pumping the Ukrainian military with arms and providing it with targeting information for strikes on Russian military and civilian infrastructure,” adding that the US has effectively become a party to the conflict.

Biden’s Visit to Kiev

The aid package comes after President Joe Biden’s surprise visit to Kiev on Monday, during which he pledged an additional $500 million in military assistance to the country, including more artillery ammunition, rockets, and anti-armor systems.


The new aid package underscores the US commitment to Ukraine’s security in the face of ongoing aggression from Russia. However, it is likely to further inflame tensions between Washington and Moscow, with the Russian government accusing the US of escalating the conflict. The situation in Ukraine remains highly volatile, and it is unclear how the latest aid package will impact the ongoing conflict in the region.

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